Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this package aimed at?
This package was put together to help small stakes online poker players learn to play sit and go tournaments. We assume our audience is familiar with the rules of Holdem. The material provides a balance between theory and practice. Our aim is to give the student enough information to start playing and learning quickly.

What is included in the package?
The package consists of a short ebook and five videos. The ebook gives a short introduction to the three stages of a sit and go tournament and some of the most effective strategies. The videos show you how a professional player would apply these strategies.

How much does it cost?
The complete Sit and Go Booster package costs $24.95+tax. It includes a short ebook and five videos. Click HERE to purchase.

How do I read the ebook?
The ebook is in PDF format and can be read using any PDF reader. Adobe provide a free reader here.

Can I print the book?
The ebook is delivered to you in PDF format with no protection. You can print it as many times as you like for personal use.

How is the Sit & Go Booster package delivered?
After purchasing the Sit & Go Booster package you will receive an email with link to download the ebook and videos.

Who put this material together?
This material was put together by John Anhalt who has been playing poker professionally for over five years. John Anhalt is the founder of and the developer of

Is this book also for multi-table tournaments?
This book covers single table tournaments. Although much of the material would also be applicable if you reached the final table of a multi-table tournament.

Would this package be applicable to live play?
The Sit and Go Booster package would put together for small stakes online players who wanted to understand the basics of sit and go tournaments. Although, much of the material would be applicable to live sit and go satellites and the small stakes sit and go tournaments common in many casinos.

What software programs do you recommend?
We recommend Holdem Manager and Sit and Go Wizard. A full review along discounts is available on our software page.

If I have a question about this package who should I contact?
Please use the contact us page and we will get back to you within 24-hours

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