The difference between finishing in-or out-of the money can be as close as a razor's edge in online poker. All the best players do whatever they can to make sure they have that edge and that's what makes them winners. One of the most important and fundamental tools used by all of the best players today is good poker software. To win we first need to be prepared to win with all the right tools. With the right software we can enable ourselves to properly apply all of our poker strategies and to always use our best judgement. If you want to be successful then you need to stack the odds in your favour.  For any proper SNG poker strategy two of the best programs you can get are ‘Holdem Manager’ and ‘Sit N Go Wizard’. Here’s why.

Holdem Manager

Most poker software clients will save the hands you have played to your computer. Holdem Manager imports them into a database. With Holdem Manager's user friendly database you can:

  • Report the hands.
  • Analyse statistics.
  • Replay the hands.
  • And, graph the statistics anyway you want.

Being able to do all of this offline is a great way to learn about not only your game, but that of your opponents as well.

Holdem Manager includes a heads up display (HUD) that you can use to superimpose statistics about how your opponents are playing on your screen for EASY reference. The HUD is fully customizable to suit your needs at the table. You can choose to view 100s of different statistics on the screen, ranging from how often they raise from the button, to how often they check raise the river. As you progress you can move from using a basic set up to a more advanced one, progressing as you and your game do.


Sit & Go Wizard

Sit and Go Wizard is an indispensable tool to help you apply the correct tactics at each stage of the game.  Sit and go tournaments (SNG) can be divided into three phases: early, middle and late. In the early stages of a SNG game your stack is relatively large in comparison to the size of the blinds and tight aggressive play is usually correct.

However, as the blinds increase they represent a larger portion of your stack and you must play much more aggressively to win. This will often mean following poker strategies where moving all-in with hands that you would not consider playing in a ring game.

Sit and Go Wizard allows you to: 

  • Import the hand histories from your play and analyse your decisions.
  • Its analysis takes the size of each player’s stack, your position, number of players remaining and the tournament payout structure into account. 
  • Sit and Go Wizard has a quiz mode where you are put into various situations and asked to make the most profitable decisions.
  • There are also numerous tutorials that will help you improve all aspects of your game.  

By using Sit and Go Wizard for only 10 minutes everyday, your SNG game will improve immensely in a short period of time.  Sit and Go Wizard is an excellent tool for the player who wants to really improve their game-and is available for the $99.95!


Both of these products offer fully functional free trials and we recommend you take advantage of them before making a purchase.

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